We are The Dudesons!

We are four best friends since childhood! Our names are Jukka, Jarppi, Jarno and HP. And of course there is our beloved male pet pig Britney, the 5th member of the Dudesons! We live in the beautiful country of Finland, far up in the Arctic Circle.

Home Country
Finland is a small country of only 5 million people, covered in vast forests, beautiful fields and over 187.000 lakes. The winters are long and severe, in the darkest days the sun doesn’t come up at all!

But luckily during the summer we have the ever-blazing midnight sun… We have always thought that it’s the bizarre weather of Finland that has loosened some screws in our heads!

Early Years
We’ve been best friends since we were just little kids. The whole “Dudesons” thing started in the early 90’s, when Jarno got his first video camera and we started making skateboarding and snowboarding videos. When we realized that we weren’t any good at either (although HP is a pretty damn good snowboarder!), we started filming all kinds of stupid pranks and stunts. We released VHS tapes of our stuff and sold them around… Slowly our reputation started to grow in our hometown Seinäjoki!

Finnish TV-Show

In 2000, after finishing high school, we set up our own production company – Rabbit Films. We had an idea of making a TV-series out of all the stunts we hade made. We also watched a lot of extreme videos from around the world: Skateboarding, snowboarding, motocross, and so on. So we started filming our show in the spring 2000 and finished the first season in the late summer of the same year. We got a deal from a Finnish TV channel and our show, “Extreme Duudsonit” premiered in January 2001. Since then we did three more seasons for Finnish TV, from 2002 to 2004. In 2004 we also got Britney, our pet pig!

Live Show
Since 2002 we’ve also been bringing “The Dudesons Live Show” to the people! We have two stage shows, a big one for arenas, and a smaller one for clubs. We do a lot of stunts you’ve seen on our videos: Blindfolded boxing, shooting to the chest with a shotgun, the human dartboard, the tug of war with bicycles, and much more!

International TV-Show
So then in 2006 the movie and the The Dudesons Season 1 hit the world – During the first year the show was already sold to over 20 countries!

Dudesons in America

In 2010 we went to America and made a tv show “Dudesons in America” for MTV USA with the help of our good friends and masterminds behind Jackass – Johnny Knoxville and Jeff Tremaine. By date, our show has been seen in over 150 countries and there’s more to come…

Why The Hell Do We Do It?
This is the motto we live by:

“When you’re old, you don’t want to think about the things you didn’t do. Instead you want to think of all the things you DID do!”

… Which basically means: laugh you ass off and don’t worry about tomorrow! Life is too short to be afraid, or to be bored!

– Jukka, Jarppi, Jarno & HP